The Place to get involved

Are you looking to get plugged in to a place of service that matches your talents and abilities? If so, you're in the right place.  Check out our ministries, you're sure to find something that you are passionate about!


The Place to schedule

Check out what's going on at The Place! We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our website with our guests and church family.  Subscribe to out calendar to keep up with events at The Place.


The Place to learn

Go back and hear where it all started, or listen to a message that you missed. Whether you are listening again or hearing it for the first itme you will find that God always has something to reveal to us.


The Place for Prayer

Come find out how you can pray for others in the church. You can view prayer requests, get updates, and even add your own requests. Join us as we take this journey of faith and prayer together.


Together we are building a community of faith, love and hope in Wickenburg... and ultimately the world.
Greg Hintz, Lead Pastor

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